Though it has been merely minutes, something like 10, 583, but who is counting, I’ve been to the moon and back. Going to the moon sounds like fun I’m sure, but so much happened and I didn’t have you. I was navigating the galaxy Hans style.

Sometimes the solitude of space got to me. Believe me, I’d have hung myself had there only been gravity!

I also had a terrible fit of malaria. Don’t worry, I’ve made a full recovery of course, but I did spend a few nights writhing on the floor.

I was nearly turned into a cane toad by a black magic wielding woman in the Outback.

Hah, I’ve missed you, my dear!

You aren’t aware? The world has been unhinged!

And I’ve wanted to hold you oh so near.

Sure, there have been others. But, oh, how I’ve cringed!

It’s a strange thing, feeling you’re the only one who’s sane.

Oh, but please don’t think me vain!

You see, for a time I was quite torn,

And just when I had resigned,

Feeling rather forlorn,

Again by Loneliness I was confined.

Its long, spiny fingers stretching toward the back of my neck from the corner of the room.

But that is the way of it.

Longing always threatening to drown you…

The memories…

And look what we have here,

It seems Loneliness has brought some close friends.

Ah, but well acquainted we all are.

Terror, Dread, We meet again.

And Panic has already got a vice grip on my heart.

The quartet strikes again,

Pulling me into the dark, into the void.

I’ve been trying to anchor myself down, you know, to make things more difficult for them.

I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out.

Can we wrap this up soon, Fellas?

How much longer will this be?





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